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Copyright and Perfume

Copyright is a susceptible subject because nothing is more resentful than losing what I have created to others. A big part of me chose the subject “perfume review” as my blog theme because reviews are very subjective and, therefore, not related to copyright. Everyone typically has a different opinion about perfumes. However, some may have a similar opinion. If I have a similar opinion about perfume to someone else, then am I violating the copyright of the person who wrote the perfume review ahead of me? The copyright for the Perfume review looks pretty vague. The definition of copyright, I know, is that you should not take someone else’s idea and claim that it is your idea. However, the copyright for the review on perfume is so vague and extensive that I cannot give an accurate definition.

In the article by Peter Henein, recipes are not subject to copyright because they are technically just a collection of facts. I thought the copyright of recipes did exist, so this information really shocked me. Are the representative recipes of famous chefs in the market not copyrighted? Perhaps the chefs are already famous, so the public will know those recipes belong to the chefs without copyright. But what about the recipes that ordinary people post on their media? If the recipe becomes very popular in the future and everyone insists it is my recipe, the person who first shared it will be agitated. Since the recipe also has no copyright, there cannot be a copyright for perfume reviews which are vaguer than recipes. However, I do not want to take someone else’s ideas and offend them, so I should be more careful about sharing the reviews.


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