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Design Elements and The Website

Most of the websites I visit are clothing brands for women, so I am going to talk about the Fashionnova website, which I frequently visit. If you are a woman and love shopping online, you will know about fashionnova because it is a well-known clothing brand for women. It is funny how I have visited their website many times but never thought about their design. From a design standpoint, the site has a lot to offer, but it is a bit messy due to a lot of information. I cannot say this website is well organized because when I first entered this website, it took me a while to find the information I needed from the homepage. There is too much content on the homepage. 

On the homepage, it is noticeable that the website editor wanted to emphasize their anniversary sale. Still, the typography they chose does not really suit the website, and the size is too big, which makes the letter look blurry. Also, there are way too many pictures with fewer explanations, making the customer wonder what those pictures are. Putting so much content on one page makes it difficult for readers to grasp what they want to find at a glance.

Main homepage of online clothing brand Fashionnova
Main homepage of online clothing brand Fashionnova

They did an amazing job dividing categories by section using many menu bars. So many different types of clothes on this website make it difficult to find the specific style I am looking for. However, all of these types of clothes are divided into sections in menu bars, allowing consumers to enter the website and immediately click on the item they want to buy. At the bottom of the website page, there are links for information necessary for consumers, such as how to contact the website and track orders. Sometimes it is hard to find contact information on some websites. It was good to see that the information necessary to consumers was well organized at the bottom.

The customer’s favourite section of the website was well highlighted as well. The price of the clothes is significant for customers because they have their budget for shopping. The price of the clothes was written bigger and bold than the name of the clothes, making the eyes comfortable to grasp the price quickly. It is also very convenient for consumers to find the available colours of the design without having to click on them because the editor displays a small coloured circle showing the colour’s availability.

Categories in homepage of online clothing brand Fashionnova
lots of menu bars
Main homepage of online clothing brand Fashionnova

Overall, it is a good website that contains lots of information and products. If they organize their homepage with fewer photos and smaller font size, customers will find the website more accessible and more convenient. 

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