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Designing The Blog

I spent little time maintaining my blog in October. Whenever I enter my blog, I try to fix many loopholes, but it is difficult to touch them because I am afraid of making the problem worse. Finally, my blog has been reorganized to some extent, and I have learned a lot during that period. As I mentioned in my previous process post, my desire to make an aesthetically pleasing website is important, but accessibility also matters. I constantly thought about whether my direction also coincided with the accessibility factor.

My biggest problem was building my main page, which is the homepage. I tried to separate my homepage from the about page, but then there was not much to put on my homepage since I chose a very white and minimalistic theme. The white theme made my empty homepage look even more empty. So I decided to put the About section on the homepage. Therefore, as soon as readers enter my blog, they can see what this blog defines right away, and my blog looks full. Also, I left minimal categories and deleted all the rest so the readers would be clear with a few menu bars when they first entered the blog. Considering the accessibility factors of readers, I was heading in the direction of the blog I wanted. I am still inexperienced, but I am proud of myself for building the blog considering my interest and audience accessibility. I want to make this blog more accessible in the future.

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