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Reviewing My Personal Garden

When I started blogging for this course, I was worried that I was not doing the right thing. I was far from being creative my whole life, and diving into blogging that requires me to express myself was scary. The world is rapidly changing, and the fact that you can earn money by being creative and just being yourself is incredible. At first, it was tough for me to express my ideas in a public space because growing up, I was trained to do what others told me to do. 

Like Cory Doctorow mentions in his article “The Memex Method,” blogging is not just a way to organize your research but also a way to research a book, essay, story, or speech. It is a way to discover your future books, essays, stories, and speeches. What he mentioned in his article helped me boost my confidence because I do not have to be ashamed to research what to write in my blog.

Blogging is such a unique thing to do because it requires creativity but, at the same time, needs to attract an audience. As is mentioned in Tanya Basu’s concept of the digital garden, blogging focus on what you want to cultivate over time. It is essential to consider the audience, but my interest is more important in blogging. Personally, I feel like blogging is a newer version of a diary. You keep your own thoughts in a diary and do not share, but when it comes to blogging, you have to share it with the audience, and they should like your writing.  

To conclude, the two articles I mentioned above made me feel better about my writing on the blog. I want to entertain my audience, but it is also my personal garden, which I should feel confident with whatever I am posting. 

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