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Imagining an Audience

To imagine my audience for this website, I have to go back to a time when I first decided on the topic of my blog. I thought choosing the topic to write on my blog would be easy. However, even after a day or two, there was yet to be a topic I was sure of. Then suddenly, I saw my perfume collection unexpectedly and asked myself a question. Do I love perfumes? Do I know perfumes well enough to recommend them to others? The answer was yes! There was nothing to hesitate about when the topic was decided.

As it is a blog that explains and recommends perfumes, I wanted my design to be as minimalistic and white as possible. If you ask me why white comes to mind when I think of perfumes, I have no choice but to say, “just because.” Perfume is like clean white paper to me. Perfume is colourless, like white paper; It is colourless and unnoticeable, but perfume leaves a strong impression on people and sometimes makes them reminiscent. Just as a dot on the blank paper changes the mood of the whole paper, so does the perfume. The smell and atmosphere vary widely depending on what you draw on the clean white paper. People interested in fragrances and love perfumes will understand why white comes to mind when they think of perfumes.

The readers of my blog are people who are interested in perfumes like me. I expressed the noble feeling of perfumes through the impression of a blog that looked as concise and clean as possible. Moving on to the content, people interested in perfumes typically look for two main pieces of information. A realistic review of the perfumes they are curious about and a perfume recommendation. I aim to satisfy perfume lovers by sharing these two pieces of information mainly on my blog.

I am very picky and sensitive when it comes to perfumes. The scents that most of the public loves are often just such perfumes for me. I like less well-known, unique and neutral scents that others do not use much rather than scents that are so basic. My writings would interest readers who love perfumes and those who actually spend time looking for perfume reviews. My reviews will also be welcome for those who are tired of non-realistic perfume views that include ads. The readers I have imagined so far are people like me who love perfumes, are tired of dishonest perfume views, and are looking for unique perfumes as well as recommendations!

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