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Peer Review #2

For the second peer review activity, I was able to explore one of my peers, Kristen’s fitness journey. The homepage’s representative image caught my eye when I first entered the website. The image of her working out clearly shows what this blog is about: Kristen’s fitness journey. This represents the distinct identity of Kristen’s fitness blog, and it gives the audience a hint of what she is going to share. It made me wonder who she is and how she got into this fitness journey, such as what motivated her. Her motivation for fitness was well written on her about page. She is in the process of losing weight and wants to share her experiences with weight loss also hopes to inspire someone who comes to her blog with the same interest. As a full-time university student, I agree that staying healthy and working out regularly is hard. Looking into her journey and fitness goals have already inspired me to work out and made me wonder how she will reach her goals. 

However, the theme she has chosen does not really reflect the vibe of the fitness journey. Her theme seems more appropriate for a management company or a small startup company. Also, the logo of her blog reminds me of the management company site rather than fitness. It would have been more noticeable if her theme choice had been more suitable for fitness since it gives a slightly dull feeling. The colour of the homepage is too dark, blurring the overall atmosphere and making her picture less eye-catching.

Moving on to Kristen’s blog posts, it is noticeable that all the posts are kind of short and lacking details. If I’m a subscriber, I want to know more about her workout routine and eating habits, but the posts make me wonder what information she is hoping to share because important details seem to be missing. In order to bring readers to the blog, it would be better to elaborate details on her own tips, such as her workout routines and what diet helped her lose weight. Posts that are too short and lacking in detail can dampen readers’ interest.

Overall, Kristen’s blog has a lot of potential for development. I’m looking forward to more fitness journeys and tips she’ll upload soon. Her enthusiasm and love for fitness are clearly shown on her blog and will surely impress many subscribers. 

If you are looking for an amazing fitness journey by Kristen, please click here!

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